Dry for a while

Well, it looks like I am going to be dry for a while.  It’s time to go back into the old photo collection to dig up little jewels that have been set aside to be reconsidered later, only to be completely lost to the large black hole that forms in our memory once we turn 40.  For example, I was looking through some Turks and Caicos photos to make a large print of the shark eye, when I saw this shark mug, which had been deemed not-good-enough back then.

Shark Face

Now, that’s not so bad, is it?  It’s got spunk, the little cute guy.  You see some nice Caribbean sun light on its back, and some strobe light on its pretty face.  This and a few other Caribbean Reef Sharks were very interested in the high-pitch sound the strobes make when they’re recharging, and stayed with us for about half an hour, until it was time for us to ascend because we were running out of air and we were loaded with nitrogen.  It wasn’t deep, but many of the dive sites visited by the Turks and Caicos Explorer start at 30 or 40 feet, so there’s nothing to do while going back up but floating in the blue, letting the nitrogen go.

It seems like I’m complaining, but that beats sitting on this couch on a February night waiting for the snow to come and cover the Northeast.   Not only it beats it, it blows it full out of the water.  Water, mmh, I guess I’m circling back to it.  But I’m going to be dry for a while…

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